My account is marked as spam. What it is?


Bitmex allows you to trade orders with a volume from $ 1 , however, if many orders are placed too quickly (as in the case with grid bots), it carries a heavy load on the exchange system.

Bitmex on its blog gives official recommendations for trading:

  1. When creating multiple orders, the order volume must exceed 0.0025 BTC.
  2. The maximum number of small orders is 4 pieces before the account is marked as Spam Account. The presence or absence of a leverage does not matter.

If you create orders of a smaller volume, then a message may appear on the page of your account on the exchange that your account is marked as SPAM

If your account has been marked as Spam Account, then:

  • all orders with a value of less than 0.0025 XBT will automatically become hidden orders.
  • hidden orders will not be displayed in the order book and the taker commission will always be paid on them.
  • post – only spam orders will not be accepted for placement, instead of becoming hidden.
  • too many spam orders can become the basis for a temporary suspension of account activity.
  • The status of the Spam Account will be reviewed every 24 hours, and if the behavior of the trader changes, the status of the account will be restored to normal.

We sent an official letter to Bitmex and received the following response:

Good afternoon,
When using a large number of small orders, trading can be suspended, however, account lockout is out of the question. The account status is automatically restored at 12:00 UTC the next day.

Nevertheless, we welcome the idea of informing users about the undesirability of placing orders of less than 0.0025 BTC.
Thank you!

Thus, if you have a note in your account that your account is marked as SPAM, you should not worry too much.

Nevertheless, we recommend that all users create orders when setting up bots equal to or higher than 0.0025 BTC