The main errors when working bots on Bitmex


The system is currently overloaded. Please try again later.

Bitmex sends this error during exchange congestion and peak loads.

If this happened at the beginning of the transaction, the bot will make a new attempt to open the transaction in a minute. If this happened during the re-issuance of the transaction:

  • make sure that the TP is listed on the exchange. If there is no TP, put it by hand or cancel the current deal and start a new cycle, the bot will pick up the old volume and start a new cycle based on the total market volume.
  • if the TP has worked, and the Safety orders have not been withdrawn, then click cancel the transaction and the bot will remove all SO

XBT Long (XBT-USD). Can not receive position

As a rule, this error does not affect the course of the transaction. The exchange did not return position information in one of the requests. Just in case, check whether the volume of the open position is equal to the volume that is set in the TP.

Can’t find order for checking

The bot did not find one of its orders. Check the positions on the exchange, if there are extra orders left and several minutes have already passed, then delete them manually on the exchange or click cancel transaction in the bot

Account has insufficient Available

Not enough funds to place orders. The recommendation is to reduce the volume of orders in the grid or their number.

General recommendations when the errors appear

We recommend setting up error messages in telegrams in order to quickly respond to them. If a notification is received, do not rush to intervene with your hands, the bots can fix most errors themselves, wait 5 minutes, if the errors are not fixed, then cancel the transaction and start again.