Verification levels on the Cryptorg platform

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Trading with Binance liquidity and Bybit liquidity is available on Cryptorg.

Verification is not required for Bybit liquidity. There are no limits on deposits and withdrawals.

For Binance liquidity, verification is required. The daily withdrawal limit is the equivalent of $500,000

Instant withdrawal is equivalent to $15,000, amounts above are confirmed manually

To undergo verification, log into your SPOT wallet. The verification link will be at the top right. If you have previously passed verification and see a notification about filling out your address, then simply add your current residential address in text form on the verification page. If the verification is completed successfully, you will see the updated Verified status in your wallet:

Required data for verification

Level 1. Identity card (Passport, Driver’s license or ID card), Selfie with a document, 3D facial liveness check. Indication of place of residence (without supporting documents).

In what cases is verification required?

  1. To be able to trade in Binance liquidity.
  2. Loss of access to your personal account. If you have lost access to your account and cannot restore 2FA or PIN code, then to access your account you need to go through the verification process and answer the necessary questions.

For all questions related to verification and increasing limits, as well as in case of loss of access to your personal account, please contact [email protected]