Benefits of Futures Trading

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Funds on the futures balance are in USDT. Increasing the stablecoin.

Powerful liquidity that allows you to trade with an almost unlimited amount of funds.

You can make money on any market movement, both long and short.

The ability to increase working capital and potential income through margin trading.

Possibility of additional income through funding

Cryptocurrency futures should especially appeal to forex traders who are accustomed to working with leverage. Appreciate the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

What advantages does Cryptorg Futures have over other futures exchanges?

  • On some futures exchanges, it is required to keep BTC on the balance sheet, then when the market goes down, traders suffer a loss due to a change in the price of the underlying asset. Our exchange does not have this problem, since the balance is held in USDT.
  • Convenient trading terminal with a large area for those analysis
  • The ability to move orders directly from the chart, which greatly speeds up trading
  • Free trading bots for Cryptorg Futures users