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Swap codes are used to move USDT between Cryptorg exchange accounts. Available for Binance & Bybit liquidity. You can only move codes within a specific liquidity, that is, from Binance to Binance and from Bybit to Bybit.

Such transfers can be made commission-free 24 hours a day, including during night hours, when regular exchange withdrawals are not available.

The codes can be used to transfer USDT between your own accounts, as well as to exchange between exchange clients. Cryptorg exchange does not take any commissions for creation of codes.

Work with the codes is done from the exchange account. USDT must be in SPOT wallet.

Please note, each exchange client has a unique id for swap codes. It can be specified at transfer to be sure that the code will come to the right person.


How to generate a new swap code

Go to Swap codes
Click the button «Create» (6)

Go to the form:

  1. Enter the desired amount of USDT for the code
  2. Each user has a unique ID in the Exchange Codes section. You can specify this ID for personal code transfer. No one will be able to activate the code except the ID owner.
  3. Protection code. You can specify a code of several digits, only the one who knows this protection code will be able to activate the transfer.
  4. Specify PIN or 2FA from your Cryptorg account.
  5. Click the button to send the code to E-mail and paste the received code in the line.
  6. Create a swap code

A code hash consists of a unique combination of letters and numbers. All generated codes and their status (activated/not activated) can be seen on the My Codes page

Click the Show hash button and you can copy the code.

How to accept a new swap code

To accept the swap code, click the Activate button

Insert the hash of the swap code you received and the protection code (if necessary) and click the Activate code button. After that, USDT will be credited to your SPOT wallet.

History of activated swap codes

Click History and you will see all swap codes you have accepted

NOTE: If for some reason the generated code could not be accepted, the owner of the code can always activate it for himself and return the USDT to the balance.