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What you may need the API key for?

Primarily for use in third-party services, bots, applications, and so on. Our keys in third-party services can be used as keys from Binance and Binance Futures.
The key can also be used in the interaction between investors and managers. The investor can generate a key and transfer it to the manager for trading on his Cryptorg account. In this case, the trader has access only to trading, without the ability to withdraw funds

Creating API keys

Go to your exchange account to set up API keys.
API management

Create a key label (name)

Enter your pin code, click the button to Send code to E-mail, copy the verification code from the letter, enter the code, click the button to Create new API key.

The key consists of two parts, a regular key and a secret key. Immediately copy the secret key and write it down, because when you refresh the page it will not be visible. With the sliders, you can adjust the activity of the key for different markets.

If you are an investor and send the key to the trader/manager, keep in mind that the trader’s access to trading can be terminated at any time by moving the slider under the key. The key itself can not be removed (provided that you want to disable active actions, while retaining the ability to read the balance, trading history, etc.).

Documentation for developers

Use the official documentation from Binance.
Spot Trading https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#change-log
Futures https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/futures/en/#change-log

Pay special attention to the storage of your keys! They must be safe, if a third party gains access to the keys, they can trade on your account, which could lead to losses.

The ability to withdraw funds via API keys is initially disabled!