Verification and merge verifications of multiple accounts

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To be able to trade in Binance liquidity, you need to pass verification. Follow the instructions of the system.

Recommendations for verification

  • Do not upload scans of documents, as well as photos with watermarks
  • Do not go through verification on all your accounts, go to the main account and carefully read what you need to do next.
  • There are no restrictions for residents of the Russian Federation
  • Restrictions for the following countries: USA, Malaysia, Canada, Netherlands, North Korea.

Binance also does not allow users from regions experiencing political turmoil or international sanctions, such as Cuba, Syria, and Crimea. Russian documents cannot be used for Crimea.

To merge multiple accounts, go to the spot wallet of the account you want to link to the verified account and in the verification section, click on the link:

After that, you will see the hash that you need to copy:

and paste it into the same block of an account that is verified:

After that, your account will be successfully linked to a verified account