Trading commissions

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Trading commission

SPOT market

Cryptorg.Exchange Commission 0.2% for each executed buy or sell order:

  • The order is considered executed upon sale or purchase.
  • In case of partial execution of the order, the commission is taken only for the executed part.
  • Commission is not paid for placed but not executed orders.

Trade commission discounts

You can get 25% discount using Cryptorg Token (CTG). The discount can be activated in the exchange account management section

To pay part of the exchange commission in CTG, you must have a positive CTG balance on your balance. The option will be automatically disabled if there is not enough CTG on the account. Read here:

25% discount on commission when BNB is available

For more stable work of bots, you need to keep BNB on your account balance. In addition, this will allow you to receive an additional 25% discount on the current commission level. Keeping CTG and BNB on the balance at the same time, the actual exchange commission will be 0.1125%

You can track the expense of commissions in CTG in your exchange account. Your Trading Commission Level — History —

Futures market

The exchange commission is 0.04% for a limit order and 0.05% for a market order. If you are a large trader or exchanger and want an individual discount, then contact us in the telegram group or by mail [email protected]