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Funding (financing) — implemented by exchanges to regulate supply and demand between the SPOT and futures markets.

Funding happens every 8 hours.

When the funding rate is positive, long (long) holders pay short (short) holders. When the rate is negative, shorts pay longs.

The rate may change during the day!

The rate can be different for each of the trading pairs!

The% rate is charged on the entire trading volume that is in the transaction.

For example, with a funding rate of 0.05% and an open transaction volume of 10,000 usd, 5 usd will be charged or written off (depending on the position). These features can be used to make money by opening positions in the right direction immediately before funding.

Funding rate information is available at the top of the terminal. It also displays information about the% of time remaining before the accrual
Information about the accrual of% is displayed in the transaction section of the trading terminal