Order’s grid

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In terminal you can quickly and conveniently place multiple orders in a few clicks according to your parameters.

click on the image to open it in fullscreen
  1. You choose Long or Short strategy
  2. The first order by «market» or «limit»
  3. Set the count of orders
  4. Set the step between the orders
  5. Set the dynamic step if necessary
  6. Set the martingale if necessary
  7. Set the volume of the first order
  8. The calculator considers the whole grid of orders
  9. Then you need to launch the grid by pressing the button, so that you can set take profit
  10. Preview — shows the grid on the chart. If the first order is set by the market, it will update the grid according to the current price
  11. Clear — clears the preview of orders
  12. Take profit types can be of two types: grid — put one order for take profit with a specified percentage, multi-order — a grid of orders for take profit with step:

  13. Choose size of Take Profit
  14. Compress the entire valume into one TP — set so that at averaging the take profit is exposed relatively to the new entry point
  15. Start — set take profit (the button is active if the position is already open)

Preview of the grid with the calculated average entry point: