Registration on the exchange

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If you are a user

Having registered at you can register on the Cryptorg.Exchange exchange in one click. Please note that a redirect to our main domain is currently working

You can also use our official mirror

Exchange account management is located at the top of the menu

Click on the account, agree to the rules, confirm the registration by mail

After confirming registration in the account section, you can make deposits and withdrawals, as well as track your own balances

Trade section leads to the exchange terminal

After registration, access to the exchange is automatically created and you can start setting up trading bots.

If you are not a Cryptorg user

Register on the platform

You can register from the main page of the platform or from the page of the trading terminal

After registering on the platform, open an account on the exchange

Install protection 2 FA or by pincode, without them it is impossible to open an exchange account