What to do if the order is partly executed?


If the initial order was executed partly and the price went higher (Long) you can cancel the transaction, and sell coins by hands on the exchange in profit. 

If the initial order was partly executed and the price went lower (Short) just wait for the growth and execution of the order. 

To minimize partial execution of the initial order use Entry to the market in the bot setting. 

If Take profit order was partially executed and the price went down a little, you can see how many coins are left, and whether it will be profitable to sell them by hand on the exchange. If not profitable, wait for the growth and closing of Take profit. 

If the safety order is executed partially (Long), and the price went up sharply and closed Take profit, check your balance and sell the extra bought coins ere by hands. If Take profit is not executed, just wait for the fall and the SO will be executed completely automatically.