Using of technical signals


Cryptorg is connected to the technical signals service You can use any available signals to configure your bots. Signals are a way to determine the entry point of a bot into a trade. 

Detailed documentation here. 

Signal types

  • Moving averages signals. A group of signals involves the use of moving averages to determine the possibility of starting a transaction bot.
    Guiding principles:
    Trade in the LONG. The bot opens a trade if the current price is above the moving average price at the moment. It’s a positive trend.
    Trade in the SHORT. The bot opens a trade if the current price is below the moving average price at the momentIt’s a negative trend.
  • The price crosses the moving averages. Crossing the current price of the moving average (SMA or EMA) indicates a trend change. We use BUY signal (for LONG bot) when the current price crosses the moving average from the bottom upWe use SELL signal (for SHORT bot) when the current price crosses the moving average from top to bottom.
  • Oscillators. It’s a group of technical indicators allows you to use popular signals to determine market entry points. All available indicators have BUY and SELL points. Cryptorg uses BUY points to start LONG bots, and SELL points to start SHORT bots.
  • TradingView. Receiving a signal from via webhook. Read the description of this setting here.
  • FOMO. The principle of the indicator is to trade against the crowd within the day. Read here
  • Diver. Divergence and convergence indicator. Read more here

Examples of operation of BUY and SELL points can be found on this page. 

Attention! If the signals are disabled, the bot will trade without any pauses, constantly opening positions. This work will be particularly profitable in the phase of market growth and in the phase of the flat. large volume can gain in the market disruption, so you need to monitor the market sentiment carefullyThe experienced traders, want to include the bot at certain moments, can be interested in this mode.