Cryptorg Service is able to notify account owners in the actions of their bots via the popular Telegram messenger. You need to have the installed Telegram app on your smartphone to do this (you can also use the web version). At the moment, all types of notifications are sent to the messenger, including notifications about the beginning of the transaction, setting orders, a settlement of the transaction, as well as about errors during the operation of bots. 

The notifications come also in the pop-UPS on the site when the tab is opened in the browser. 

Besides all logs of bots are displayed in the section “Bots’ actions”. 

Go to «Settings» and click «Configure Telegram bot» to configure notifications. After that, you need to click on the button «Activate the bot». Then you will move to the bot page, you must click on the “Start” or “Join”. Use the «Deactivate bot» option to deactivate the bot. 

After that, you will receive such notifications about the operation of the bot. After completion of the transaction you will receive a notification with a profit. 

If Telegram service is blocked in your country, you can use VPN or proxy to activate bot. 

List of exercised and free VPN extension for browsers: 

List of exercised and free VPN for PC: 

Or just copy the link that appears on the error page. 

Send a link to your “Favorites” in the telegram and follow the link to activate the bot. 

Connection of one telegram account is available for operation. If you want to deactivate your telegram account and activate a new one, you can do it in your profile settings. 

You can also configure the receipt of the desired notifications on the website and in the telegram. You need to go to Profile Settings in the tab ”Notifications Settings”

Be sure to set up a notice of error to respond quickly if an error occurs.