Balance and recharges


The recharge of the account takes place on the settings section– the tab “Balance”

Account management — 

After you click on the “Deposit” button, enter the amount – 15, 30, 60 or 100 $ and select the method of payment. You can enter an arbitrary amount, so this amount will be credited to your account too. 

The payment can be done with the cards like Mastercard/Visa, Yandex money. 

You can choose a convenient method of payment. 

Then click “confirm «. 

Then you get to the form of payment. Enter your card details or login to Yandex wallet and pay. After that, the payment will be automatically credited to your account. 


If you are in Ukraine, or other countries where Yandex Money is blocked, then you may get an error when switching to payment. 

If the error occurs, you need to enable VPN. 

List of checked free VPN extension for browsers: 

The payment can be done with Bitcoin. 

Enter the amount and select the method of payment. 

Then we receive the amount in BTC and the address of the Bitcoin wallet to send the funds. Click the button ‘Copy’. 

After that, go to the crypto-wallet, or exchange, which has the necessary funds and send them to this address. 

Consider the fee amount when transferring funds! 

Pay attention! Send only Bitcoin (BTC) to this wallet. In case of sending other cryptocurrencies to this wallet, the payment will not be credited and you may lose your funds. 

Payment in BTC will be automatically credited to your account as soon as the transaction appears in the blockchain. It usually takes a few minutes.