A description of the function FB (fund balance)


Sale of the fund balance (FB). The option allows the bot to catch up NOT its fund balances and include them in the total volume of Take Profit sales. 

Deals with an active Sell remains of coins option are not included in the analytics. Also, in the section deals with this function, grossly overestimated or underestimated profit sizes may appear.


The FB option is enabled, for example: 

The bot starts a trade on the BTC-ZEC pair, sets the initial order, and makes sure that it was bought, then sets three safe orders, and sets a Take Profit sales order. The value of the Take Profit order is determined by all the residual funds of ZEC in your exchange account. That is, if you had any ZEC balance on the exchange, the bot will sell it with the active option «Sell fund balances». 

Option FB isn’t enabled: 

This setting is set by default when creating a new bot. When the option «Sell the fund balance (FB)» is disabled, the bot strictly controls the value of coins bought and set in Take Profit. It also takes into account the commission that is canceled by the exchanges when executing orders. This behavior allows the most accurate calculation of profits in transactions. 

Important! When the bot operates in strict mode with the disabled option «Sell fund balances», such exchanges as Binance, Poloniex and Bitfinex cancel the commission when buying any coin in the purchased coin (if the bot has bought 0.1 ZEC, the exchange cancels 0.00015 ZEC, respectively, 0.09985 ZEC remain on the exchange). Thus, the bot will not be able to set the originally purchased value of ZEC. The right decision for the strict principle of a trade is the presence of a small value of traded coins before the transaction. In this case will be charged a commission from this fund balance and the bot will be able to set the applied volumes. It is notably the exchange Binance, which allows you to pay a commission in your own coin. This option can be enabled in the settings in your account on the exchange Binance. 

The purchase of coins for a fee. «The purchase of coins for a fee» is a subsidiary option of FB. It allows you to automate the process of buying coins, which will be spent on the commission in order to ensure the smooth dealing. Before the start of the transaction the bot checks whether there is a fund balance and whether it is enough to pay the commission for future orders. If there is a fund balance, then the bot starts a trade, if not, it sends a signal to buy a coin ($5 in equivalent). In the following cycles the bot will perform similar checks. 

Important. If you use the option of selling fund balance (FB), then the bots should not come in contact to each other on the traded coin. For example, we have one bot trading the BTC/ZEC pair with the enabled FB option; you can NOT create another bot on the USD/ZEC pair, so there will be a conflict 

When working on the exchange Binance you can deactivate the FB function and the Purchase of coins for the commission, while monitoring the presence of BNB coins on the balance of the exchange account.