Basic principles of money management


The main rule when working with bots is the deposit should be enough to fulfill all orders for all bots! Then there will be no errors and you do not have to interfere with the running of algorithms. For this setting has the calculator. Calculation of the transaction means a trade which has the Minimum and Maximum amount of funds that will be involved in the transaction. 


For beginners, we don’t recommend running a lot of bots in the operation, as there is a chance not to keep track of their activity, or may not have enough deposit. You need to increase their number gradually. 

We also advise you to always keep a part of your deposit on the stock exchange in 20–30% reserve, to add SO or include additional pairs. 


We calculate our deposit to be enough for 5 pairs + 20-30 % of the reserve. 

In the screenshot above 1 pair will take  176 USDT. 

176 USDT*5 bots = 880 USDT for simultaneous operation of 5 bots + 300 USDT in reserve.  It’s about 1200 USDT for comfortable work on 5 bots. 


If you calculate your deposit incorrectly, and all the SO will start to activate on the reduction at some moment you will not have enough funds. You will get an error during the averaging: Account has insufficient balance for requested action. It turns out that you have not averaged, the TP will not move lower and you will wait for Take Profit for a very long time. 

In such cases, you can add USDT to the balance of the exchange or release it from other bots.