Basic mistakes under work bots


Can’t set a Take Profit on exchange (a problem with installation TP sales orders. Your action is required) 

The error means that the bot cannot set a general sales order. As a rule, this happens for the following reasons: 

1. The exchange does not give the current balance of the traded coin. As a rule, the bot itself corrects this situation in the following attempts. 

2. The bot does not have enough coins left to place a TP order. Carefully compare the number of coins from the error, which are needed to place the order, with a free balance.

You probably ran out of BNB and the bot used up some of the coins it bought for the commission. In this case, it will not be able to place a TP. You need to buy BNB and buy a minimal amount of traded coins to have enough for Take Profit (in the example above, you can see that the bot needs to have a free balance of 0.00105900 BTC). Unfreeze the bot using the appropriate button. Click «Reset Take Profit».

Advice: do not allow the balance of BNB to decrease. Or enable the option to buy coins for commission in the bot settings.

3. The bot can’t sell the volume that it bought earlier. It happens when the volume was sold manually or by another bot. In this situation you can manually buy the desired volume of coins from the bot and resume the transaction.

4. The trading bots contact together with the sleep FB option (selling the fund balance) and with activated OHM option. When the bot is running with the enabled FB option (sale of fund balance), you can NOT create another bot for the same pair, there will be a conflict. 

5. Above described all the reasons. But it happens that when the bot receives such an error, you can see the TP order in the terminal. In this case you can cancel it right on the chart by clicking on the cross, then go into the bot and click «Update Order».

Exchange Binance

Filter failure: MIN_NOTIONAL 

The volume of the initial order is too low. It is necessary to increase it. If  you set the order volume as a percentage, then specify a fixed value. 

Account has insufficient balance for requested action. 

— If the error occurs at the beginning of the transaction then you have no free funds for the initial purchase of coins. 

— If the error occurred in the position of setting a Take Profit. Bot cannot set for sale the number of coins that was originally bought by him. This could happen if part of the purchased coin was used to pay the commission. In future transactions allow the bot to buy coins on its own to pay the commission, or pay the commission on the binance in BNB. To correct the situation, you need to buy a minimum number of tradable coins, unfreeze the bot and re-set Take Profit. 

Incorrect answer from Binance

Incorrect response from the exchange. Usually the bot makes subsequent requests and the error is corrected. If this happened at the time of placing the initial order and the error does not disappear, then cancel the transaction and re-enable the bot

Division by zero

The bot cannot find an order. Most often it happens on the initial cycle of the deal. It is recommended to press cancel the deal and restart the bot.

Unknown orderUnknown order sent

The bot cannot determine its order. Usually the error occurs at the very beginning of the trade. Simply cancel the trade and reactivate the bot.

The maximum number of bots for access is exceeded

In the access section, when creating it, the user prescribes the maximum number of simultaneously working bots that can have an active transaction. This feature was created to comply with the money management. If you have such a message and you want the bot to trade, then specify in the access the required number of active bots.

Poloniex Exchange

Nonce must be greater than 1511633057178182. You provided 1511633057152020 

Perhaps it’s the most popular mistake of Poloniex exchange. If this error is repeated often and interferes with the bots operation, you need to create a new API key and nowhere else to use it. 

Total must be at least 0.0001 

The answer means that the minimum order volume on the Poloniex exchange has not been reached. It is necessary to increase the volume of the initial or safe order. 

Bittrex Exchange


The answer means that the minimum order volume on the Bittrex exchange has not been reached. It is necessary to increase the volume of the initial or insurance order. 

Bitfinex Exchange 

Invalid order: minimum size for BCH/BTC is 0.02 

The answer means that the minimum order volume on the Bitfinex exchange has not been reached. As a rule, the volume in the purchased currency is indicated. It is necessary to increase the volume of the initial or safety order. 

Nonce is too small 

It can be associated with a large number of robots working at the same time per access point. If the error persists and interferes with looping, change the API key. 

Hitbtc Exchange 

Error create TakeProfit order (Order rejected). orderExceedsLimit 

Such errors are issued by the exchange for various reasons but the main one is the lack of funds for the transaction. Compare how many coins the bot sets in TP and how many are on the exchange. If there are fewer on the exchange, then buy more manually, and the bot will reset TP.