The creation of the bot (the basic parameters)


We need the section “My bots” to configure —  

Go to the section and click “Create a bot” — 


Then follow the items from the screenshot. 

bot settings

  1. Robot name is recommended to specify the name of the pair, so that it will be convenient to sort them later. For example, USDT-BTC Long. 
  2. Access is the exchange account on which the bot will work.
  3. Pair is the trading pair on which transactions will be handled. 
  4. Strategy is situation when the bot will trade in long or short. 
  5. Take profit means how much profit the bot should take from each trade. Order Take profit (for sale) is put up as a percentage of the initial order immediately after the opening of the transaction.
  6. The volume of the first order is the initial amount of the transaction. This amount will be the first purchase of the coin after the opening of the transaction.
    % part of deposit means that the order will be opened for the selected % of your deposit. For example, in pair BTC-LTC a deposit on the exchange is 1 BTC. If you have set 1 % the initial amount of the transaction will be 0.01 BTC.  
    Fixed value (recommended). For example, you enter 0.02, the bot will start the transaction and buy LTC at 0.02 BTC. 

    bot settings
  7. The downside for the putting up of a safety order. It is often called the step of the safety order (SSO), the percentage % in which the SO will be put up.  
    For example, the price of the transaction is 100 Satoshi, satoshi is 1 %, the bot will put orders to buy more down at the price of 99, 98, 97 Satoshi. 
  8. Martingale — consecutive increase in the volume of each order. It is regulated by the coefficient from 1 to 2. If it is switched off, it is necessary to set the size of the safety order. The volume of the safety order means that for this amount the bot will put up safety orders after the opening of the transaction for additional purchase for averaging. The volume of the safety order cannot be less than the volume of the first order.
  9. Dynamic step of the price of SO — consecutive increase in a step of each safety order. It is regulated by coefficient from 1 to 2.
  10. Limitations of deals — you can set the limit of cycles after which the bot will turn off.
  11. Number of safety orders per trade is the maximum number (CO) that can be executed for the entire duration of the transaction.  
    For example, you have satoshi is 1 %.
    Number of SO are 20 orders.
    You can withstand a price drawdown of 20 %. 
  12. The number of simultaneously active safety orders means how much SO will keep open the bot on the exchange.  
    For example, you set the maximum number of SO in 6 pieces.   
    The number of active safety orders is 3.
    The price falls, the first SO is triggered, the bot puts 1, and we again have 3 active. When all 6 will work, then a safety order isn’t available more. 

!!! Pay attention to the item Calculation of the transaction. 

  • The minimum amount means how much will be spent on the bot, taking into account the already exposed SO. 
  • Maximum volume means how much will be spent on the bot if all SO work during the falling.