The Market Shock Signal


The Market Shock signal for opening a trade by a bot is created on the basis of an instrument that notifies about abnormal market impulses . Full documentation on the instrument.

Version 1 for Boost bots in Binance liquidity 07/3/2024. An important clarification: after the signal appears, the bot will begin to open trades non-stop, that is, after the first TP is closed, a new deal will open. In the current version of the signal, we recommend using the Cycle Limits setting in the bot; after completing the required number of Take Profits, the bot will turn off. Next, you will need to turn it on yourself in your account so that the bot waits for a new signal.

Signal setup

When setting up the bot, in the lower right corner, select the Technical signals block and select the desired signal in the drop-down menu

  1. Select impulse Type. PAMP or DUMP you want to work with. For each Pump and Dump, you can create 2 bots: long and short, based on how you want to work, in the direction of the impulse or against it.
  2. impulse speed. A SHOCK pulse is a quickly generated pulse that lasts less than 10 seconds. SLOW impulse is a impulse that has been generated for up to 45 seconds. ANY SPEED – This impulse can be selected if you want to trade any impulse that appears.
  3. Impulse level. Here you set the percentage of momentum at which the bot enters a trade. For convenience, the impulses are divided into three parts: Level 1 (from 3% and above), Level 2 (from 6% and above), Level 3 (from 8% and above)
  4. Percentage of impulse. More flexible setting of impulse percentage. Let’s say you set up Level 1, implying an impulse of 3% and above, but you want the bot to enter a trade only with an impulse of 4%, so set the value of 4% in the slider. For simpler settings, we recommend setting the slider value equal to the initial percentage of the selected level.

Please note that it is not necessary to use the percentage scale; it has lower priority. It is needed for more precise level adjustment. If you put percentages in the scale lower than those indicated in the selected level, the value from the scale will be ignored.

BONUS. For traders of the FOMO community, setting up an unlimited number of trading bots in Binance and Bybit liquidity is available!