How much you start with?


We will give you some recommendations on how much you can start trading in the service Crypt org. 

The sum of funds for one bot is affected by the size of the first order (on the spot at least 11 USDT, in the futures — for each pair has its own minimum size, but it can not be less than 5 USDT), the amount of orders and martingale.

To test one bot and its functionality on a spot, the minimum deposit is 11 USDT * the number of orders. If it is 20 orders, then you need 220 USDT.

To test the bot and its functionality on futures, you need to determine the minimum order size for the selected pair. For example, for BTC, this is 0.001 BTC at the rate at launching. Multiply by the number of orders and you will get the necessary amount of money to launch the bot.

If you select pairs with a minimum order size of 5 USDT, then you need about 100 USDT to test the bot with 20 orders. But futures is trading with risks. Therefore, it is important to observe money management to avoid liquidation.

It is important to understand that on Cryptorg exchange the same minimum order parameters are applied as on Binance.

To work fully with the service, we recommend to set up at least 5 cryptocurrency pairs with 20 insurance orders.

Also you should take into account that your subscription in the service ($15, $30, $60, $100) should pay for itself in a month.