Strategy of perpetual motion


Perpetual motion or simultaneous operation of short-bot and long-bot in one pair 

Cryptorg service provides a unique opportunity to activate simultaneously multiple bots for one pair, and it can be bots with both long-strategy and short-strategy. The main rule is both coins in the trading pair should be enough on your balance to execute all orders. 

An example of a perpetual motion: you have BTC and XRP on your balance, the first bot is configured in a long strategy, it will buy for Bitcoin Ripple and earn on growth. The second bot is configured in a short strategy, it will sell Ripple and transfer it to Bitcoin and bay below, leaving on Take Profit. It will operate perfectly in the flat or when the market goes in some direction with large rebounds, so that one of the averaging bots can close on TP. It turns out a kind of perpetual motion that allows you to earn on any market movement. 

Important! At the same time bots with opposite strategies are not allowed to use the option of selling the fund balances (FB) in long-bots! 

Preferences features 

You can use the Short-strategy, having on the balance any altcoin, which is enough to set the desired number of safety orders for the bot. Altcoin is configured for trading to 4 main coins on the exchange: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB (KCS and NEO coins are also available for the Kucoin Exchange). Profit growth is in one of the 4 coins. 

If you have one of the 4 main coins on your balance, then you need to configure trading with such a coin not to altcoins, but only to the main ones. 


  • You have BTC on your balance, you can trade only in a pair to the USDT for the Short strategy.  
  • You have ETH on your balance, you can trade in a pair to USDT and BTC for short strategy. 
  • You have BNB on your balance, you can trade in pair to USDT, BTC and ETH for the Short-strategy. 
  • You have on the balance of USDT, Short-strategy in this version is impossible. 

Attention! Trading in short to USDT by main coins (BTC, ETH, BNB) the volume of orders must be set in the dollar. In this case a profit on transactions accumulates in USDT.