Limit the number of cycles


ATTENTION: Limiting cycles and price does not work when selecting FOMO, Diver and Trading View technical signals

In which situations and for what the function of cycle restriction will be useful: 

Pamp. A quick impulse movement of the market. 

When you work without filters the bot constantly starts a new trade after the end of the Take Profit operating cycle during rapid price change of the trading pair. We never know when the impulse movement will end and the price will start to reverse. Using the option to limit the number of running cycles, you can set any value from 1 to 200, after which the bot will turn off. 

Example: a trader configures a bot on btc/xmr pair with TP 1% and the number of running cycles limit equal to 5. After the fifth cycle is completed the bot will completely stop the operation. The trader can reanalyze the market and reenable the bot or set up a new one. The option will be useful for active traders, so it will be possible to conduct a semi-manual trade in a rapid mode. Using this option together with the entry option at the market price you can complete all cycles in a few minutes on the rapid movement in a market and complete with a profit before a potential price dump.

Working with filters 

When working with filters (for example, the Bollinger signal) sometimes you want that after triggering a certain amount of Take Profits, the bot is turned off. Now, having made the appropriate setting, you can make the bots operation even more autonomous because now the bot will turn off on its own after completing the required number of cycles. 

Work from levels. 

The trader sees that the price has reached a good level, from which it has already been repelled several times and at this moment includes a bot with a limit of the number of running cycles. The bot completes cycles and turns off. 



In a rapid market, when the price changes in an instant use the option to enter the market. In this case bot will be able to complete the desired number of cycles quickly. When working with pending orders, your value will not be able to be taken out of the DOM quickly and it will slow down the cycles execution. 

Do not forget that the bots will turn off after execution the desired number of cycles and then stand idle. For better performance check bots regularly and include new ones if necessary. 


Let’s consider an example on the chart. Suppose we have defined a resistance line, set up 5 cycles of TP 1 % without filters. The bot will perform 5 cycles in 1 %, but the 6 cycle will not start. 

We recommend using the cycle limit function in conjunction with the price limit

You can read the information on this feature following the link