Filters for working with bot


All filters work on the basis of technical analysis of the cryptocurrency pair chart. 

1. D — Day filter. It analyzes the previous trading day and is set by the system automatically for the whole current day. If the bot assumes that the current day will be potentially unprofitable, it will not open trades. The current status of the day filter can be found in the «Quotes»section. The green icon means that the daily filter is positive, and on the contrary, the red icon means that the daily filter is negative and bots will not open deals on the selected pair. 

The daily filter involves the analysis of the daily candle. Take into account the opening level of the day and the closing level. If the closing level is above the opening level, the bullish candle and the signal are positive. If the closing level is below the opening level, the bearish candle and the next day the bot will not open a deal. Accordingly, if there is a positive daily filter after the TP operation, the bot will open the deal again and without a break. Therefore, I recommend using the daily filter together with intraday signals of indicators on small time frames of 1-15 minutes, for example, the Bollinger signal. 

2. O — Filter by liquidity (trading volume). It allows the bot to trade only if the liquidity (trading volume) of the pair for the past 24 hours is considered sufficient. At the moment it is 100 units in the base currency of the pair (100 BTC or 100 ETH or 100 USDT…). That is, if the volume of any pair is less than this value, the transaction will not start. 

3. Filter «Price limit». The detailed description is here 

Work without filters! When the filters and signals are disabled, the bot will trade without any pauses, constantly opening positions. This work will be particularly profitable in the phase of market growth and in the flat phase. A large volume can be gained in the market decline, so you need to monitor the market sentiment carefully. This mode can be interesting for experienced traders who want to include the bot at certain moments!!!