Creation API key for exchanges


IMPORTANT! Never give your API keys to exchanges to anyone and do not mark off with a tick «Withdraw» 


  • It is possible that a website page will open with a sign «API ACCESS IS DISABLED». In this case you need to click «Enable API», access to the mail and follow the link in the message from Poloniex.
  • Then click 
  • Click «Create New Key», access to the mail and go to the link in the message 
  • The API is ready to use. 


  • Go to the site and log in to your account 
  • In the upper right corner go to «Account» 
  • Check for the presence of 2FA authentication in your account. If it is absent, we need to connect. 
  • Click «Api setting» 
  • Type the key name, such as Cryptorg 
  • Enter 2FA, if 2FA is not activated, you need to activate it in the exchange account settings before creating the API. 
  • Access the mail and confirm the creation of the API by following the link.
  • The API is ready to use. Be sure leave off Enable Withdrawals (permission to withdraw funds via API!)


  • Go to the website and enter the account. 
  • Check if Two-Factor Authentication is enabled. You need to activate it if it isn’t.
  • Go to the Setting and select Api Keys
  • Click «Add new Key»
  • We need to set all rights except «WITHDRAW».
  • Click «SAVE» and enter the 2FA code. 
  • The API is ready to use.


  • Select «Create New Key» 
  • We need to mark off when setting up.
  • Click «Generate API key», «Label Your API Key» margin and write Cryptorg. 
  • Go to the mail and confirm the creation of the API key. 
  • The API is ready to use. 


Go to the website and log in the account. 

In the upper right corner select «Api management»

You need to enable 2FA and an additional security password on this Kucoin account before you can continue. 

Click on «Create”, enter the key name and password. This password will be required for connecting the key to the service. Please note that the API password is not a trade password, these are different things. 

  • Pass the clear security screening and confirm the creation of the key. 
  • API is ready to use 


  • Go to the website and enter the account. 
  • Go to «Settings» in the upper right corner. 
  • Go to the Api keys tab and click New API key
  • We need to write Secret key, because it hides again. 
  • Select these rights’ ticks 
  • You need to perform a safety check. «You need to confirm the action by e-mail or 2FA code to enable «Place/cancel orders. 
  • API is ready to use 


  • Click «on»  
  • Enter the keys name and click «Create new key»
  • API is ready to use.